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Welcome to the webpage of CMGS Motorsports
Team History


Team History
Büchner Jürgen

CMGS Motorsports? Where did they come from?


The team was created in June 2003 when the teams of Claessens Motorsports and the Global Speedcrew fusioned!
Claessens Motorsports was founded in 2001 by Stijn Claessens who brought his team into the ESCORS Challenge Series North. He could sign Fred Joseph and the twins Bart & Koen van Nevel. The team celebrated its biggest success when Bart and Koen van Nevel reached a 2nd and 3rd place in the 2002 ESCORS Challenge Series.
The Global Speedcrew was founded in april 2002 when Jürgen Büchner and Hubert January joined forces for the 2002 ARL season. The team continued with Hubert January in the 2003 ARL Winston Cup.
CMGS Motorsports signed Simon Wareham in June this year and already won two ARL Winston Cup races- Hubert January and Simon Wareham scratched out their first win each. CMGS Motorsports is currently racing in the ESCORS Alienware series & British Challenge series and the ARL Winston Cup & Grand Prix Series. Further we will enter the upcoming ESCORS Truck Series.