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Team History
Büchner Jürgen


Online simulation racing team

20.8.2003 Jürgen Büchner on tour
6-7.9.2003 Innsbruck to Namur via Basel (meeting Fred)
8.9.2003 Namur-Calais-Dover-London (meeting Chris and Gary)
9.9.2003 York
10-12.9.2003 Edinburgh
13-17.9.2003 Grampian Mountains, Kingussie, Aviemore
18-20.9.2003 Aberdeen, Banchory
21.9.2003 Perth (meeting Mike Hogg&Catriona Rochford)
22.9.2003 Blackpool
23.9.2003 Windermere
24.9.2003 Cardiff
25-26.9.2003 Lynton
27-28.9.2003 Bournemouth
29-30.9.2003 London
1-2.10.2003 London- Calais- Liege- Munich- Innsbruck (by train)

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