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Nascar 4 Sportscar Challenge


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The Glen 600
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The Glen 600

Bringing LeMans home to you!


Official Results

1st Armstrong Racing #1 / 248laps
2nd Team Belfast #38 / 245laps
3rd A.T.F Racing #80 / 244laps
4th Shivering Beagle Racing #30 / 241laps
5th Team CCCRL #3 / 238laps
6th Team HTU #121 / 238laps
7th Team Bud #11 / 237laps
8th Team CCCRL #119 / 236laps
9th Schwaben Draft 2002 / 226laps
10th Ecosse Motorsports #10 / 223laps
11th B&M Racing #13 / 218laps
12th Claessens Motorsport #39 / 146laps

Not classified:

Feetless Glibber-NOS Racing #74 / 202laps(DQ)
Double Bass Motorsport #83 / 140laps
Claessens Motorsport #04 / 137laps
Alpine Thunder #79 / 96laps
DB Racing #22 / 86laps
Royal Dutch Racing Team #134 / 67laps
Autopronator Racing #172 / 50laps
PC Motorsports #27 / 46laps
Feetless Racing #72 / 39laps
JP Racing Inc. #6 / 16laps
Kaaveh Akbari Racing #55 / 14laps
Claessens Walloons Rookies #69 / 14laps
Winner's Circle Racing #57 / 10laps
Team AOL #46 / 9laps
Mst Racing #17 / 7laps
Team Arena #00 / 5laps

Entry List

No.1 Armstrong Racing

*Nissan Skyline*
Clive Armstrong: from Oxford(GB)

The reigning N4SCC champion and real life Ducati WC Superbike tester is considered to be one of the big favorites. But will he have enough power to do 250 laps on his own?

No.3 Team CCCRL

*Opel DTM*
Doug Sywassink: from ?(USA)

No info available yet!

No.6 JP Racing Inc.

*Saleen SR*
John Pugel: from ?(USA)

No info available yet!

No.10 Ecosse Motorsports

*Nissan Skyline*
Michael Hogg: from Forfar(SCO)

The privateer Scottish family team enters it's Nissan Skyline sponsored by Bits and Pennzoil, to be driven alone by Michael Hogg.

No.11 Team Bud

*Camaro GT*
Jeff Czupta: from ?(USA)
Bob Roy: from ?(USA)

No info available yet!

No.13 B&M Racing

*Ford Taurus*
David Brock: from London/Ontario(CAN)
Kenny Mervin: from St.Mary's/Ontario(CAN)

The Crazy Canucks are not well known in Europe, but they will try to chance this at the Glen 600.

No.17 Mst Racing

*Volvo C70*
Menzo Steinhorst: from ?(NL)

No info available yet!

No.22 DB Racing

*Saleen S7*
Denis Breznik: from Maribor(SLO)

The Slovenian proved to be very fast on roadtracks in the previous two season. Exspect him to run under the Top 10.

No.27 PC Motorsports

*Audi A4*
Francois Couillard: from ?(CAN)

No info available yet!

No.30 Shivering Beagle Racing

*Saleen S7*
Chris Gillis: from ?(USA)
Rick Gillis: from ?(CAN)
Gordon Stott: from ?(USA)

No info available yet!

No.38 Team Belfast

*Mercedes CLK*
Matt Scrougham: from Indiana(USA)
Jeff Filipkowski: from Pennsylvania(USA)
Shawn Murray: Massachusets(USA)

These All American drivers are here in this race to win it. The chances are slim but there the 3 best road racers in Warl and there here to impress. Last year in Warl they won 17 out of 72 races plus many practice races. There top driver, Matt Scrougham bringing home 12 of those wins, Shawn bringing 3, and Jeff 2.

No.39 Claessens Motorsport

*Volvo S70*
Stijn Claessens: from ?(B)
Steven van der Meiren: from ?(B)

The two ESCORS proved drivers from Belgium might not be one of the favorites, but they are good enough for a surprise.

No.46 AOL(Australia Team Online)

*Holden V8*
Gavin Chatt: from ?(AUS)
Karen Chatt: from ?(AUS)
Ed Watson: from ?(AUS)

The australian AOL team will field an Holden V8 which is the aussie pendant of the Ford Taurus. Besides it's the only team with a woman behind the wheel.

No.47 Schwaben Draft 2002

*Pontiac Grand Prix*
Ingo Schmidt: from ?(D)
Jose Kostin: from ?(D)

No info available yet!

No.55 Kaveeh Akbari Racing

*Opel DTM*
Kaveeh Akbari: from Las Vegas(USA)

No info available yet!

No.57 Winner's Circle Racing

*Dodge Intrepid*
Trevor Mack: from ?(USA)

No info available yet!

No.69 Claessens Walloons Rookies

*Volvo C70*
Fred Joseph: from Namur(B)
Laurent Joseph: from Namur(B)
Christophe Henry: from Namur(B)

No info available yet!

No.72 Feetless Racing

*Pontiac GP*
Andreas Koenigsdorf: from ?(D)
Rene Strasser: from ?(D)
Sebastian Schaefer: from ?(D)

No info available yet!

No.74 Feetless Glibber-NOS Racing

*Pontiac Grand Prix*
Jan Tinneberg: from Pforzheim(D)
Salvatore di Bernardo: from Pforzheim(D)
Bjoern Angermund: from Pforzheim(D)

No info available yet!

No.79 Alpine Thunder

*Saleen S7*
Juergen Buechner: from Innsbruck(A)
Wolfgang Kronthaler: from Hall i.T.(A)

The Alpine Thunder team consists of two experienced N4 drivers. Even if they live in the snowy region of Tirol/Austria, they wanna show some hot driving!

Juergen Buechner competes in ESCORS since August 2000. He won 2 races so far and finished 3rd in the Challenge Series 2001.

No.80 A.T.F Racing

*Ford Thunderbird*
Bill Martin: from ?(USA)
Ronald Nijland: from ?(NL)
Robert Fleurke: from ?(NL)

The US-Holland team has high hopes for the Glen600. With signing Robert Fleurke, who already won some ESCORS races, the team should not be underestimated!

No.83 Double Bass Motorsport

*Chevrolet Monte Carlo*
Ulrich Pechtold: from ?(D)

Another driver who tries to tame the Glen alone. Ulrich is member of the German Nascar Cup and competed in the GNC X-MAS 600 endurance race.

No.00 Arena Team

*Mercedes DTM*
Danilo Piazza: from ?(I)
Marco Guiducci: from ?(I)
M. Lorenzetti: from ?(I)

Danilo Piazza is admin of the Arena League which stands for fast and fair racing. With his two strong partners he will head for the win.

No.04 Claessens Motorsport

*Volvo S70*
Bart van Nevel: from ? (B)
Koen van Nevel: from ? (B)

The twins from Belgium have shown lots of talent in the previous ESCORS season, but at the Glen 600 they are still outsiders.

No.119 Team CCCRL

*Pontiac Grand Prix*
Ken Reeder: from ?(USA)

No info available yet!

No.121 Team HTU

*Dodge Intrepid RT*
Hendrik Gerhardt: from Gelsenkirchen(D)
Tom Bleicher: from Gera(D)
Uli Winkelmann: from Koeln(D)

Three german Top-drivers sharing one car. It is quite obvious that we will see them running for the victory.

Uli Winkelmann finished the GNC X-Mas 600 race in 5th position.

No.134 Royal Dutch Racing Team

*Pontiac Grand Prix*
Victor van Eck: from ?(NL)

No info available yet!

No.172 Autopronator Racing

*Audi A4*
Michel Palardy: from ?(CAN)

No info available yet!

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