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Nascar 4 Sportscar Challenge


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General rules

1.1 Rule #1 is HAVE FUN. Rules are necessary to achieve a fair playing field but drivers should never lose sight of rule #1.The purpose of this league is to create a clean competitive racing environment, which is as accident free as possible. Drivers are expected to contribute to such a
racing environment.

1.2 Drivers are expected to be prepared for their race and be able to maintain a "low" and "high" line for each track. It is your responsibility to control your car at all times. This applies during all green and yellow flag conditions.

1.3 Situational Awareness - Everyone needs to practice this. Know it. Live it. Breathe it.

1.4 Wrecking a fellow driver while you are trying to reenter the racing groove or line of traffic after you leave pit road is careless and unacceptable.

1.5 Respect others and they will respect you. If they don't
respect you, the N4SCC will deal with that individual.

1.6 Use your F2 indicator to constantly monitor the position of the cars in your vicinity.

1.7 If you decide someone needs to be taken out (wrecked or smashed) because you don't like the way they drive or race, we will help you with this decision. YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LEAGUE! We will have zero tolerance for retaliatory maneuvers.

1.8 All problems between fellow members should be handled in a professional, adult manner.

1.9 Your being a member of the N4SCC partially depends on your ability to have a good connection to our server.

1.10 If you are unable to attend a race,notify someone...send a e-mail or something, its disrespectful not to do so.

1.11 The N4SCC requires that you use "1" ID during all of
the N4SCC races.This simplifies the scoring system.

1.12 All N4SCC drivers will be required to have different car numbers. Car numbers are given on a first come first serve basis.A car set containing all of the driver's online cars is available for down load. Having this car set is mandatory.



2.2 Flaming is ANY badgering, swearing, constant chatter in
reference to an incident on the track. If you want to put in an "I'm sorry " or "no problem" that's fine - "Thank you Moron" is unacceptable and can be considered grounds for league suspension.

2.3 Simply put, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT! Not during the races or after the races. If you FLAME you will be suspended. Repeat offenders will be removed from this series.

Pre-race rules

3.1 Practice will be start 30 minute's before qualifying begins.

3.2 Drivers are encouraged to participate in practice as much as possible.


4.1 There will be NO chatting allowed during qualifying.

4.2 If you use Game Commander or other voice recognition
software, please consider turning your microphone off during qualifying in an attempt to prevent inadvertent messages during qualifying.

4.3 Qualifying will begin at 16:30 CET.


5.1 There will be a ten-minute warm-up before every race.

Race rules

6.1 A driver that spins his car two times in a race will be forced to park the car for the remainder of the event. This includes drivers that go into a corner to hard and spin the car to avoid contact with another car. It is the drivers fault for diving in to deep in the first place. Contact that sends a car spinning is an incident and not a single car spin. Drivers who hit another car so as not to spin will be treated under the Driver's / Owner's sectionIf you have spun 2 times in the same race it is time to get off-line and do some serious practicing because you are not ready to race.

6.2 "Bump drafting" or "moving" another racer, while exciting on TV, is risky in N4, if you cant push the car in front of you square don't push him at all.

6.3 It is the responsibility of the driver behind to execute a clean, safe pass. If you are not 100% certain this can be accomplished it is your responsibility to lift, and wait for a better opportunity to complete your pass. If you are running slower than the car behind you, you are expected to hold you line. Blocking is not allowed and is a punishable offense.

6.4 If at any time you should see a car in front of you get in trouble, your first response should be to back off and not to view this situation as one for passing.

6.5 Keep your eye out for race chat pertaining to cars near you such as signs asking you to pass.


7.1 Starts and Re-Start's will be single file, use your heads.

7.2 All drivers during pace and yellow flag laps will maintain a gap of 0.7 to 1.5 sec interval between you and the car in front of you until the green flag flies.

7.3 The driver on the pole will lead the field and must start on green. The race leader must maintain pace speed & accelerate only when the green flag flies.

7.4 There is to be NO lagging back on the starts/re-starts.

ABSOLUTELY NO ANTICIPATING THE START!! A flying restart will be determined by anyone >5 mph over the pace speed when the green flag drops, AND they use that additional speed to gain positions. If you are too fast, but fall in line, no penalty will be assessed.

7.6 If you are requested to pass before you cross the
start/finish line, you should pass to the outside. If you pass to the inside, you will receive a black flag.

7.7 It is against the rules to PASS -OR PULL ALONGSIDE TO PASS ANYONE prior to CROSSING the start finish or before the back stretch unless:
A. You are "waved by" by the car in front of you, i.e., "pass me High"
B. You are avoiding an accident or a car with a blown motor.

7.8 You can't win if you don't make it out of turn 2 on the first lap.


8.1 KNOW THE TRACK PIT SPEED. There is no excuse for not knowing.

8.2. You must pit-in on the backstraight and you must pit-out on the front straight.


9.1 When you take the yellow flag at the start/finish line,
don't slow down suddenly. Please ease off gradually until you've reached the back straight.

9.2 All drivers will agree that when the yellow flag comes out they will hold their position without passing until they cross the line taking the yellow.

9.3 It is acceptable to race back to the line if a yellow flag is displayed with 10 or fewer laps left in a race.

9.4 If you are in the midst of a passing attempt when the
yellow flag is displayed, then try to finish the pass safely. If you haven't started your pass, then wait until the restart.

9.5 You may pass another car if he/she is off the pace, or
grants permission to do so.

9.6 The Leader has the option of allowing lapped cars to get their lap back if it is appropriate and can be done safely.

9.7 There is absolutely no excuse for crashing into another
car while under caution. Anyone violating this rule will be dealt with severely.

9.8 Anyone plowing into a stationary car at full throttle will be dealt with harshly. If you are in the vicinity of a wreck when the yellow flag is displayed, ease off the pace slightly to give yourself room to maneuver in case you need to avoid a wreck.

Pace laps

10.1 All drivers during pace and yellow flag laps will maintain a gap of 0.7 to 1.5 sec interval between you and the car in front of you.

10.2 While following the pace car, maintain a constant pace
speed. If the pace speed is 70, do 70. Do not speed up, slow down repeatedly. 80, 60, 90, 60.

10.3 The leader is to maintain the pace speed from the time the pace car leaves the track until the green flag flies.

Lapped cars

11.1 Lapped cars are encouraged to let cars on the lead lap pass. Lapped cars are defined as cars "not on the lead lap". The only exception is if lapped cars are racing for position. Racing for position means you're within 2 car lengths of a car either 1 position ahead or behind you. In this situation, it's the responsibility of the leader to make a safe pass.

11.2 Blocking will not be tolerated.

11.3 Blocking: Changing your line more than once in an obvious attempt to prevent a trailing car from safely executing a pass.

11.4 If a caution should come out with 10 laps or less, all cars 1 lap down or more are expected to enter pit road on the 2nd caution lap.This does not mean you actually have to enter your pit stall but you must drive down pit road and wait for the NASCAR official to release you. This will allow all cars racing for position on the lead lap a chance to fight for the win. Following this procedure will result in lapped cars maintaining their respective positions
behind the lead lap cars for a single file restart.

Damaged Cars

12.1 Anyone crossing traffic while damaged and causing an
accident will be subject to penalties.

12.2 If you spin out or are damaged in an accident, try to get the car off to the apron as quickly and cautiously as possible, this means WAITING for all racing traffic to get past you before doing so. Do not try to turn your spun car around in middle of the track in the middle of traffic. This almost always leads to a disaster!

12.3 When damaged and/or unable to move due to a blown tire, press CTRL+T to get a tow back to your pits.

12.4 Stay low or off the track when trying to limp back to the pits for repairs.

12.5 If you're less than 75% of race speed, you should strongly consider retiring from the race.


13.1 Please use Control-C monitoring during races. This will give you a real time report of your latency, quality and skew. If you are in the red, your connection is poor and is likely affecting your fellow racers ability to compete safely.

13.2 During a race, if you notice you are warping (all the other cars disappear), or other drivers tell you that you are warping, you are expected to take appropriate action to ensure that you do not adversely affect other drivers.

13.3 You should either pull into the pit and wait for your
connection to improve, drop to the back of the field, and/or let any driver behind you pass without racing them.

13.4 If complaints continue about a warping driver and that
driver does not take the appropriate action on his/her own, at the discretion of the N4SCC, you may be asked to pull your car out of the race.

13.5 If a warping driver continues to race despite a request to remove that car from the field the N4SCC may eject that driver. This may seem harsh, but again, the goal is to have a clean, fun, safe race, and it is everyone's responsibilities to make that happen. Real racers have technical problems. So can sim racers.

13.7 These rules regarding warping driver are consistent with the rules of this league. We are here to have a clean, courteous and fun racing experience.

13.8 Standard league penalties apply for warp related incidents, and heavier penalties or race suspensions will be levied for warping drivers who have been notified or warned, and do not take appropriate action or ignore the N4SCC's request to take the appropriate action.


14.1 If you disconnect during a race, you may reenter the race only one time. If you are disconnected a second time, your day is over. Do not reconnect. This is a rule violation and will be dealt with accordingly. This information is stored in the chat log.


16.1 If you are involved in an accident with a fellow driver and you feel the other driver is at fault, you may elect to file a protest. If you decide to file a protest, you must file a protest and include a replay of the event in question.

16.2 All protests must be submitted to the N4SCC no later
than 24 hours after the race. Protests filed more than 24 hours after a race will not be considered.

16.3 The N4SCC will handle all protests in a timely manner.

16.4 If you are considering filing a protest, save a replay of the incident. A Committee member will contact you and ask you to send a replay if appropriate. All replays must include 2 laps before and 1 lap after the incident in question. If you dont have the replay, dont file a protest. Protests without replay evidence will not be considered.

16.5 Because of warp and other factors, one driver's replay may look completely different than the others. Keep this in mind when you decide to submit a protest.

16.6 If you submit a protest with a replay, your actions will also be review. It is possible to receive a penalty for a rule or driving violation even if you are the person filing the protest. Choose your protests carefully.

16.7 Repetitive protests will be looked down upon and will hurt your chances of being taken seriously when a genuine
violation occurs. Make certain you play it by the book.

16.8 If a protest is filed against you, you will be contacted. You will be asked to submit a replay in your defense. Because of this rule, it is highly recommended that you save a copy of each race you attend. This is very important if you are involved in any questionable on track events.

16.9 All decisions by the SNIL will be final and binding. There is no appeals process. This is a game and we dont have time for that. Some verdicts will be judgment calls, which will not be perfect, but you can be assured that we will execute the rules of this league in a fair and unbiased manner.

16.9.1 Not all events or infractions will result in a penalty. Inconclusive evidence may preclude the N4SCC from assigning any on particular driver guilt.


18.1 Flaming

18.2 First Offense: Warning and formal apology to the league.

18.3 Second Offense: Banned from league

18.4 Point deductions will be doubled for any infraction that occurs on the first 2 laps of a race and on the first 2 laps of any restart.

18.5 All Infractions, Penalties and filed protests will be
kept on record. All penalties will remain on your record for exactly one season.

18.6 Penalties will be determined from what was witnessed during the race, from replays, and from email explanations from those involved. All available evidence will be used to reach a fair decision. Penalties will be used to support clean driving, and racing within the rules.

18.7 You will be immediately expelled from the league if you are found guilty of any of the following infractions.

18.8 Intentionally wrecking another driver.

18.9 Entering races while you are on suspension.

18.10 Giving out a N4SCC password to a non-league member.

18.11 If you are asked to leave the race and do not leave

18.12 If you feel your were treated unfairly by a committee
member, please leave the race and we will discuss it later. Arguing with N4SCC officials during a race will not be tolerated.

18.13 If you are suspended, take the time to reflect on why and what you can do different when your suspension is over. After you have served your 1-week suspension, you will serve a mandatory 2-race probation.

Points System

1st... 30 points
2nd... 25 points
3rd... 22 points
4th... 20 points
5th... 18 points
6th... 16 points
7th... 14 points
8th... 12 points
9th... 10 points
10th... 8 points
11th... 6 points
12th... 5 points
13th... 3 points
14th... 2 points
15th... 1 point

Pole position... 1 point
Most laps led... 1 point

Rules used with permission of SNIL (Sheldon Colwell)

Last time updated: 22.12.01